Winona Fighter

Winona Fighter is a Nashville based punk band.

The band is recognized as an energized powerhouse during their live performances. Their shows are a space where all bullshit and ego is left at the door – everyone is welcome, equal and needs to get on their fucking feet.

Coco’s (front-woman of Winona Fighter) introduction to the Boston punk rock scene at an early age was the catalyst influence for her current sound and stage presence. Moving to Nashville gave her a task to expose all music lovers to the power of thrashable tunes. After recruiting lead guitarist Dan Fuson, they set off to do the scene Coco had left behind justice. Eventually the two of them added Jack Ivins (drums) and Austin Luther (bass) to the family.

Through both playing and attending shows, Winona Fighter found a community in the punk rock scene. Their mission is to create punk music that is accessible and accepting to all music lovers willing to listen.